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The purpose of the Mouse Genome Informatics Prototype Tools and Resources site is to provide community access to software and data that are not yet part of the production MGI information system. At this site you will find such things as mockups of web interfaces we are developing for MGI, data analysis and visualization tools that are under consideration or under development, and early releases of upcoming versions of MGI. Each prototype hosted on this site provides a mechanism for community feedback. Please be aware that these resources are prototypes. They are not rigorously tested prior to their release to the public and may have undocumented bugs and other performance problems.


Multiple Genome Viewer (MGV) version 2 beta

Prototype URL: /prototypes/mgv-dev
Developed by: Joel Richardson

Browse multiple genomes at once. This is a PRE-RELEASE version for soliciting feedback, suggestions, etc.
Modified: 12/16/2016
Data: today

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VLAD 1.8.0 - VisuaL Annotation Display

Prototype URL: /prototypes/vlad
Developed by: Joel Richardson

Analysis and Graphical Display of GO Annotations.
Modified: 04/01/2020
Data: today

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GOgraphEX - GO Graphical Explorer

Prototype URL: /prototypes/GOgraphEX/
Developed by: Mary Dolan

Visualization of GO and GO annotations in a graphical context.

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KLAM - Kim Lab Annotation Mapper

Prototype URL: /prototypes/KLAM/
Developed by: Jill M. Recla

This web-based tool allows users to quickly and easily map EMBL IDs to GO annotations from four different organisms (human, mouse, rat, zebrafish).

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