MGI MP annotations for MGI:99481: F11

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    MP:0005376homeostasis/metabolism phenotypeF11tm1Gjb
    MP:0003631nervous system phenotypeF11tm1Gjb

    Full set of annotations for MGI:99481
    IDTermAlleleAllelesBackgroundColor Key
    MP:0006058decreased cerebral infarction size F11tm1Gjb F11tm1Gjb/F11tm1GjbB6.129X1-F11color key
    MP:0006059decreased susceptibility to ischemic brain injury F11tm1Gjb F11tm1Gjb/F11tm1GjbB6.129X1-F11color key
    MP:0005606increased bleeding time F11tm1Gjb F11tm1Gjb/F11tm1Gjbinvolves: 129X1/SvJ * C57BL/6color key