Compare GO annotations for HomoloGene:3470 orthologs

A table of the annotations represented in this image is provided below.
Category ID Term DB Object DB Symbol Evidence Organism Reference
Molecular FunctionGO:0005515protein bindingO43684BUB3_HUMANIPIHumanPMID:11283619
Cellular ComponentGO:0000776kinetochoreFBgn0025457Bub3IDAFlyFB:FBrf0106189|PMID:9914369
Cellular ComponentGO:0005654nucleoplasmFBgn0025457Bub3IDAFlyFB:FBrf0106189|PMID:9914369
Biological ProcessGO:0007059chromosome segregationMGI:1343463Bub3IMPMouseMGI:MGI:3583041|PMID:15898111
Biological ProcessGO:0007094mitotic cell cycle spindle assembly checkpointFBgn0025457Bub3IDAFlyFB:FBrf0174806|PMID:15075237
Biological ProcessGO:0000070mitotic sister chromatid segregationMGI:1343463Bub3IMPMouseMGI:MGI:3583041|PMID:15898111

Gene Ontology Evidence Code Abbreviations:

  IC Inferred by curator
  IDA Inferred from direct assay
  IEA Inferred from electronic annotation
  IEP Inferred from expression pattern
  IGC Inferred from genomic context
  IGI Inferred from genetic interaction
  IMP Inferred from mutant phenotype
  IPI Inferred from physical interaction
  ISS Inferred from sequence or structural similarity
  NAS Non-traceable Author Statement
  ND No biological data available
  RCA Reviewed computational analysis
  TAS Traceable author statement
  NR Not recorded (appears in some legacy annotations)