MGI MouseCyc GO annotations for PWY-5647: 2-nitrobenzoate degradation I

Compare annotations to GO categories for PWY-5647.
Category ID Term AcmsdHaao
Molecular FunctionGO:0005488bindingAcmsdHaao
Molecular FunctionGO:0003824catalytic activityAcmsdHaao
Cellular ComponentGO:0005623cellAcmsdHaao
Cellular ComponentGO:0044464cell partAcmsdHaao
Biological ProcessGO:0009987cellular processAcmsdHaao
Biological ProcessGO:0008152metabolic processAcmsdHaao

Full set of annotations for PWY-5647
CategoryIDTermMouse gene EvidenceColor Key
Molecular FunctionGO:00003343-hydroxyanthranilate 3,4-dioxygenase activity Haao IDAcolor key
Molecular FunctionGO:0001760aminocarboxymuconate-semialdehyde decarboxylase activity Acmsd ISAcolor key
Molecular FunctionGO:0016831carboxy-lyase activity Acmsd IEAcolor key
Molecular FunctionGO:0003824catalytic activity Acmsd IEAcolor key
Molecular FunctionGO:0005506iron ion binding Haao IEAcolor key
Molecular FunctionGO:0016829lyase activity Acmsd IEAcolor key
Molecular FunctionGO:0046872metal ion binding Haao IEAcolor key
Molecular FunctionGO:0016491oxidoreductase activity Haao IEAcolor key
Molecular FunctionGO:0016702oxidoreductase activity, acting on single donors with incorporation of molecular oxygen, incorporation of two atoms of oxygen Haao IEAcolor key
Cellular ComponentGO:0005737cytoplasm Haao IEAcolor key
Cellular ComponentGO:0005625soluble fraction Acmsd ISAcolor key
Biological ProcessGO:0008152metabolic process Haao IEAcolor key
Biological ProcessGO:0008152metabolic process Acmsd IEAcolor key
Biological ProcessGO:0055114oxidation reduction Haao IEAcolor key
Biological ProcessGO:0046874quinolinate metabolic process Acmsd ISAcolor key