MGI MouseCyc experimental GO annotations for CYSTEINE-SYN2-PWY: cysteine biosynthesis II

Compare annotations to GO categories for CYSTEINE-SYN2-PWY.
Category ID Term CbsCth
Molecular FunctionGO:0003824catalytic activityCbsCth
Biological ProcessGO:0065007biological regulationCbsCth
Biological ProcessGO:0009987cellular processCbsCth
Biological ProcessGO:0008152metabolic processCbsCth

Full set of annotations for CYSTEINE-SYN2-PWY
CategoryIDTermMouse gene EvidenceColor Key
Molecular FunctionGO:0004123cystathionine gamma-lyase activity Cth IDAcolor key
Biological ProcessGO:0019344cysteine biosynthetic process Cbs IMPcolor key
Biological ProcessGO:0043506regulation of JUN kinase activity Cbs IMPcolor key