MGI MouseCyc experimental GO annotations for PWY-5490: paraoxon degradation

Compare annotations to GO categories for PWY-5490.
Category ID Term Pon1
Molecular FunctionGO:0003824catalytic activityPon1
Biological ProcessGO:0009987cellular processPon1
Biological ProcessGO:0008152metabolic processPon1
Biological ProcessGO:0050896response to stimulusPon1

Full set of annotations for PWY-5490
CategoryIDTermMouse gene EvidenceColor Key
Molecular FunctionGO:0004064arylesterase activity Pon1 IMPcolor key
Biological ProcessGO:0008203cholesterol metabolic process Pon1 IMPcolor key
Biological ProcessGO:0009636response to toxin Pon1 IMPcolor key