MGI MouseCyc MP annotations for GLUT-REDOX-PWY: glutathione redox reactions II

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ID Term Gsr
MP:0005385cardiovascular system phenotypeGsr
MP:0002873normal phenotypeGsr
MP:0005391vision/eye phenotypeGsr

Full set of annotations for GLUT-REDOX-PWY
IDTermMouse gene AllelesBackgroundColor Key
MP:0002792abnormal retinal vasculature Gsr GsrGt(OST124402)Lex/GsrGt(OST124402)Lexinvolves: 129S5/SvEvBrd * C57BL/6Jcolor key
MP:0002169no abnormal phenotype detected Gsr Gsra1Neu/Gsra1NeuNot Specifiedcolor key