PIRSF MGI GO molecular function annotations for PIRSF002048: histone H2A

Green arrows indicate "is_a"; Purple arrows indicate "part_of"
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IDTermMouse gene EvidenceColor Key
GO:0003677DNA binding Hist1h1d IDAcolor key
GO:0003677DNA binding Hist1h1e IDAcolor key
GO:0003684damaged DNA binding H2afx IDAcolor key
Other mouse members of PIRSF002048 with no experimental molecular function annotationMGI idMouse geneName
MGI:1888388H2afzH2A histone family, member Z
MGI:1924855H2afvH2A histone family, member V
MGI:2448283Hist2h2aa2histone cluster 2, H2aa2
MGI:2448285Hist1h2aahistone cluster 1, H2aa
MGI:2448287Hist1h2achistone cluster 1, H2ac
MGI:2448289Hist1h2adhistone cluster 1, H2ad
MGI:2448290Hist1h2aehistone cluster 1, H2ae
MGI:2448293Hist1h2aghistone cluster 1, H2ag
MGI:2448295Hist1h2ahhistone cluster 1, H2ah
MGI:2448297Hist1h2akhistone cluster 1, H2ak
MGI:2448300Hist1h2anhistone cluster 1, H2an
MGI:2448302Hist1h2aohistone cluster 1, H2ao
MGI:2448306Hist1h2abhistone cluster 1, H2ab
MGI:2448309Hist1h2afhistone cluster 1, H2af
MGI:2448314Hist2h2abhistone cluster 2, H2ab
MGI:2448316Hist2h2achistone cluster 2, H2ac
MGI:2448457Hist1h2aihistone cluster 1, H2ai
MGI:2448458Hist3h2ahistone cluster 3, H2a
MGI:3037658H2afy2H2A histone family, member Y2
MGI:3606192H2afjH2A histone family, member J
MGI:96097Hist2h2aa1histone cluster 2, H2aa1