PIRSF MGI GO molecular function annotations for PIRSF002273: laminin alpha-4 chain

Green arrows indicate "is_a"; Purple arrows indicate "part_of"
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IDTermMouse gene EvidenceColor Key
GO:0001658ureteric bud branching Lama5 IMPcolor key
GO:0001738morphogenesis of a polarized epithelium Lama5 IMPcolor key
GO:0001755neural crest cell migration Lama5 IMPcolor key
GO:0005178integrin binding Lama5 IDAcolor key
GO:0005578proteinaceous extracellular matrix Lama5 IDAcolor key
GO:0005604basement membrane Lama5 IDAcolor key
GO:0005605basal lamina Lama5 IDAcolor key
GO:0007431salivary gland development Lama5 IMPcolor key
GO:0007517muscle development Lama5 IMPcolor key
GO:0009887organ morphogenesis Lama5 IMPcolor key
GO:0016331morphogenesis of embryonic epithelium Lama5 IMPcolor key
GO:0030324lung development Lama5 IMPcolor key
GO:0042127regulation of cell proliferation Lama5 IMPcolor key
GO:0042475odontogenesis of dentine-containing teeth Lama5 IMPcolor key
GO:0043259laminin-10 complex Lama5 IPIcolor key
GO:0048754branching morphogenesis of a tube Lama5 IMPcolor key
Other mouse members of PIRSF002273 with no experimental molecular function annotationMGI idMouse geneName