PIRSF MGI GO molecular function annotations for PIRSF002419: CD9 antigen

Green arrows indicate "is_a"; Purple arrows indicate "part_of"
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IDTermMouse gene EvidenceColor Key
GO:0005764lysosome Cd63 IDAcolor key
GO:0005770late endosome Cd63 IDAcolor key
GO:0007342fusion of sperm to egg plasma membrane Cd9 IDAcolor key
GO:0008285negative regulation of cell proliferation Cd9 IDAcolor key
GO:0030913paranodal junction assembly Cd9 IDAcolor key
Other mouse members of PIRSF002419 with no experimental molecular function annotationMGI idMouse geneName
MGI:1096360Cd151CD151 antigen
MGI:88341Cd53CD53 antigen
MGI:1096398Cd81CD 81 antigen
MGI:104651Cd82CD82 antigen
MGI:3644545EG384639predicted gene, EG384639
MGI:1914055Tspan1tetraspanin 1
MGI:1915748Tspan11tetraspanin 11
MGI:1917186Tspan18tetraspanin 18
MGI:1917997Tspan2tetraspanin 2
MGI:1928098Tspan3tetraspanin 3
MGI:1928097Tspan4tetraspanin 4
MGI:1926264Tspan6tetraspanin 6
MGI:1298407Tspan7tetraspanin 7
MGI:2384918Tspan8tetraspanin 8
MGI:1924558Tspan9tetraspanin 9