PIRSF MGI GO molecular function annotations for PIRSF005359: conserved hypothetical protein YHR110w

Green arrows indicate "is_a"; Purple arrows indicate "part_of"
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IDTermMouse gene EvidenceColor Key
GO:0042589zymogen granule membrane Tmed10 IDAcolor key
Other mouse members of PIRSF005359 with no experimental molecular function annotationMGI idMouse geneName
MGI:19146161810008K16RikRIKEN cDNA 1810008K16 gene
MGI:1929269Tmed2transmembrane emp24 domain trafficking protein 2
MGI:1913361Tmed3transmembrane emp24 domain containing 3
MGI:1915070Tmed4transmembrane emp24 protein transport domain containing 4
MGI:1914761Tmed9transmembrane emp24 protein transport domain containing 9