Vlad - Gene List Analysis and Visualization

Version 1.8.0
Run Name:
Provides a title for the output.
  • The run name appears at the top of the results page.
  • If this field is blank, a default name will be generated.
Query Set(s):
Specifies set(s) of objects (e.g. genes) to test. Associates a color with each set.
  • (Optional) Enter a name for the query set to label the output. A default will be provided if not specified.
  • Upload a file of ids and/or symbols, or enter them into the text area. Ids/symbols should be separated by spaces, commas, newlines, or pipes (vertical bars).
  • To do a combined analysis of multiple query sets, click "Add query set".
  • When there is more than one query set, each is assigned a color. You may change the default color by clicking in the colored box.

Annotation Data Set:
Specifies which set of annotations to use for the analysis.
  • Select one of the data sets listed, or select "Upload your own...".
  • To upload your own data set:
    1. Attach a file in GAF (GO Annotation File) format (version 1.0).
    2. Select the ontology that your annotations use. Select one of the listed ontologies, or select "Upload your own...".
    3. To upload your own ontology, attach a file in OBO format.